Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Adah Turns Eight Months Old

This last month has been quite busy for us all. Since we last wrote, we have crossed the country from Berkeley, California to our new home in Atlanta, Georgia with stops along the way in Houston and Michigan. We are now at our home in Atlanta. Chris starts work at Georgia Tech on July 1 and we all will begin this next chapter in our lives.

Adah has been the busiest of all. With new surroundings to explore at each stop along the way of our journey, she found much encouragement to increase her mobility. In two weeks time, she went from only sitting up unassisted for moments at a time to pulling up to standing. She now confidently moves from laying on the floor to sitting up on her rear end, then lunges forward into a crawl to scramble across the room quickly (sometimes on her hands and knees and sometimes on her belly), to reaching for our hands so that she can stand up on her own two feet. She has also made a game out of crawling over Chris and I when we lay on the ground with her ... like climbing Mount Mama/Daddy. We've only been in our new apartment for a few days and we have already made a run to Target for plug covers and other baby-proofing supplies. This little one can move quickly and with great determination! Chris and I both wish she used a bit more caution in her movements. She has many more scrapes and bumps than before, but I guess that's just part of being a kid.

Adah also met some new best friends on the journey ... Grandma Hovey-Wright's dog Brett and Grandpa Chessman's dog Murphy. Upon entering the room, Adah would not take her eyes off those doggies! Both were tolerant of her "petting", poking, and prodding, but may be happy to have some time away from her.

Here is a brief look of our journey to Atlanta in pictures...

Chris & Adah on our last weekend in Berkeley
(standing at Sather Gate on campus)

Adah's first time in the pool
(at Jenny & Derek's in Houston)

Visiting Grandma Weiers in Ludington

Visiting Grandma Hovey-Wright in Muskegon

Visiting Grandpa Chessman in Muskegon

Here we go ... Atlanta or Bust!

Adah helping unpack