Thursday, July 23, 2009

To My Girls

God gave me a great gift in the two of you...

Lila Bug, you can melt me with your smiles ... especially in these intense care-giving days when exhaustion is a constant state of being. We are still working on getting you a decent amount of sleep and milk each day ... and I spend MUCH of my day working on these two tasks. But in the moments in between, you are a pretty good baby with engaging eyes and a sweet smile. You are transitioning from the groggy state of newborn to the more alert babyhood and it has been fun to watch you "wake up." You are entertained by the simplest of things: a smiling face, a hanging toy, a bath, etc. I look forward to our days ahead together when you can start to explore the world around you more.

Adah Love, you are beautiful and loving and also strong-willed and challenging. I am learning new ways to engage you every day, especially since we have been stuck in the house a lot lately due to your sister's napping needs. My stand-by engagement activity is to have you help me around the house, which you seem to take much pride in. You have certain jobs that you know you can do (and get upset if we do them without you), including: closing the garage door, emptying the plasticware out of the dishwasher, putting out the recycling, helping prepare vegetables for dinner, bringing condiments to and from the dinner table, sweeping and dusting, etc. In fact, the other day you handed the duster back to me and then pointed to the places you wanted me to dust. Way to take charge, little one! You are also learning to communicate more and more each day and new words abound. My favorite of your current vocabulary: Mama, Dada, Lila, sister, "nigh-nigh," "shh" (as in "quiet, sister is sleeping"), "mo" (as in "more"), teeth, hat (with a strong emphasis on the "t"), shoes, eyes, eggs, and "I did it!" (OK, this one is more of a hand sign and a high pitched squeal in the pattern of the phrase, but I know what you're trying to say). You are also learning that Mama actually cannot fix everything. The other day you broke a crayon and handed it to me to fix. When I told you that I couldn't, you just kept handing it back to me as if you were in disbelief. Yes, it's true ... things get broken in life and Mama can't always fix them. This is a good lesson for you to learn.

These days I am learning having my own learning process as well. What are my lessons?: to learn to be more patient and understanding, to be present in the moment, and to take time for myself to recharge whenever I can get it. You girls have intense needs right now and it takes all of me to take care of you both. But I am finding joy along the way. Thank you for letting me be your Mama!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Easy Baby?

Does the "easy baby" truly exist? Being in the trenches myself, I'm not so sure. (If you have or have had an easy baby, now would not be the time to tell me so.)

I truly love my girls. They are the heart of my heart. Yet I find the work of caring for them simply the most difficult thing I have done in my 33 years on this earth. These two can bring me to tears.

It is with this thought that I must inform you that blogging is not happening very much these days. For those of you who need your Adah & Lila fix (mainly you grandparents), I will try to continue to post pictures on our online photo album (see link on the side nav bar).

Sleeping Beauty
(a rarity these days)

Big Sis, Little Sis