Sunday, February 24, 2008

Adah Turns Four Months Old

Adah turned four months on Friday. She is quite active and very social these days. Here is a brief review of the last month.

Adah met her Uncle Chris and Aunt Elizabeth in San Diego
Here is Adah with Chris at Balboa Park.

Adah celebrated Valentine's Day
Her Grandma Hovey-Wright bought her this cute dress.

We all celebrated Chris's Birthday
The family took a day trip to Point Reyes National Park, which is a good place to watch for whales as they migrate for feeding/breeding. We didn't see any that day, but we did see a large population of elephant seals resting on the beach with their new pups (which are 300 lbs. at birth, by the way).

Some of Adah's favorite activities this month include ...

Reading books with Daddy ...

Looking in the mirror with Mama...

Sitting up (with some assistance) ...

and putting her foot in her mouth (literally).

To finish off the month, Adah had her 4 month check-up with Dr. King (her favorite pediatrician). Unfortunately, her weight gain is still not great, but she is very healthy and meeting all her developmental milestones. The doctor calls her very "social" and "active," which I think are code words for "would rather play than eat." We're trying some different strategies this week in hope of getting more calories in her. We ended the visit with my least favorite activity ... vaccination shots. She had three shots (and one oral) and boy was she mad! She screamed in the doctor's office and cried, whimpered, and pouted the rest of the day. Fortunately she forgot about the whole thing the next day and was back to her normal, happy self.