Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Adah: A "Just So" Kid

Adah, the more I see you play with other children your age, the more I see your personality emerge. I am realizing that you are a wonderfully unique child. Here are just a few of the quirks that I love about you…

  • You love tupperware and consider the drawer where we keep said items your personal space (not to be invaded by others).
  • You feel the need to close every open drawer or door that you pass.
  • You take roll call throughout the day of each household member, but always skip yourself. (Adah: "Dada?" Me: "Dada's at work." Adah: "Lila?" Me: "Lila's sleeping." Adah: "Mama?" Me: "Mama's right here. I'm Mama." *pause* Me: "What about Adah?" Adah: "No.")
  • You always sit in the same spot to read books (and direct me where to sit as well).
  • You like to walk around the house with a hat over your eyes trying to feel your way through the rooms, giggling the whole way.
  • You bring your favorite stuffed animals to your sister when she's sitting somewhere by herself.
  • Sometimes, when I am talking to Lila, you push me out of the way and mimic the exact thing I was just doing to Lila yourself.
  • You often pack up a bag, wave good-bye, blow kisses and leave the room (to go to “work” like Dada does). You return within minutes bursting through the door to "come home" with kisses and hugs.
  • You kiss and hug your panda bear, bunny, and blanket every time you get up out of your crib in the morning.
  • You have to turn your light on and off every morning before leaving your room.
  • You give the toy frog drinks of bath water before you get out of the tub.
  • You clap when we finish brushing your hair after the bath.
  • You have started "reading" books to your stuffed animals and dolls, complete with the same motions your Dad and I add to our orations.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made, Little One, and I love every bit of you.

Lila: Tummy Time & First Laughs

Lila, you are a tummy magnet these days. A few weeks ago, you figured out how to roll over onto your tummy ... and you haven't stopped since. You roll over as soon as we put you down on your back, especially in your crib. I have to admit, this new skill is a bit of a blessing for me, as it has led to some decent napping habits (FINALLY!). I, for one, am singing praises ... Yeah Tummy Time!

Unfortunately, you have also become a spit-up machine (maybe not unrelated to your new rolling skills). Rarely do I make it through the day without spit up somewhere on me and often we go through one or two burp cloths a day. You are giving our washing machine a work-out, girl!

However, our greatest joy these past few weeks has been seeing your new found expressions and hearing your laugh for the first time. Here are a pictures and a short video clip to enjoy ...