Friday, August 22, 2008

Adah Turns Ten Months Old

I know we say it every month ... but 10 months already!?! It's hard to believe. Our little one continues to grow up before our eyes.

The last month has had it's share of struggles (mainly with bottle feeding and sleeping), but Adah still manages to charm us (and herself, actually). She finds much joy in life ... even if it's just a Tupperware lid!

This last month, she has been exploring new sounds and will sometimes let out a big lip smack or squeal. On occasion (when she feels like it) she will repeat a sound we make to her. She has become quite expressive ... from a furrowed brow to a coy grin to a beaming smile.

Adah's curiosity of all things has made exploring new solid foods and textures an adventure. Added to the list now are chicken, fish, cheese, yogurt, watermelon, nectarine, zucchini, avocado, mashed potatoes, pasta, toast, and more.

Adah continues to explore the boundaries of her mobility. She has no fear to simply let go of whatever she is holding onto while standing, even though this mostly results in her falling down. The other day she let go and took one or two steps before falling into another supporting object. Her independence is growing each day. While this can be a struggle for us, we love to see her gaining confidence and acquiring new skills.

In other (big) news, we have just bought a house! We feel incredibly blessed to finally have a place of our own to put down some roots. The housing search has occupied much of our time since getting to Atlanta, and we are grateful to have this process almost over. We love the house and are especially excited to think about Adah remembering this as the house she grew up in. We will move in about two weeks, hopefully for the last time in a while!