Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Adah Turns Six Months Old

Wow ... our sweet, sleepy newborn has become a fully charged, very curious, gregarious infant. In a blink of an eye, she can roll half-way across the living room, have three new toys in her possession, and be pawing at the cord on our laptop, the cable box, the sliding glass door, or some other item we would rather she left alone. Most new items are explored with her mouth first, then her eyes and hands, but they are definitely explored from top to bottom. Adah can no longer be contained or fully entertained by her play gym and we may have to look for some up-right play gear soon.

She has also become fascinated with speech ... she watches our mouthes when we talk to her, sometimes putting her hands on our lips as if to feel what the words sound like. When she sees you pull out a book to read to her, she promptly rolls onto her back and starts kicking her legs in excitement.

Going out is still fantastic, especially when we put her in a sling of some sort so she can look out and view the world. It's rare that we can make it through a run to the grocery store without several strangers stopping to visit with her. She flashes a big, charming smile to any one who passes by in hopes of luring them in to interact with her for awhile.

Adah has been working on sitting up unassisted. She is usually too interested in reaching, twisting, and turning for toys to stay up on her own for very long. She has also become quite ticklish and can hardly stand a kissing or tickle attack, giggling with delight.

Adah has also been slowly working on learning how to eat solid foods ... mainly rice cereal. She's still sort of lukewarm about the whole experience but appears to be warming up to it. She kept playing in the bouncy chair we were using to feed her, so we decided to get her a highchair. She looks so tiny in it! But she seems to like it.

Now, on to a few pictures of the month...



Napping Still Makes Me Happy

Daddy says the most interesting things.

Little Girl, Big Chair


Pure joy

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Springtime In California

It's springtime in California. The trees are blooming and we have had our first 80 degree day. A week and a half ago (before we all got sick), we went out for a Saturday stroll and Adah discovered flowers. Here's to watching life being discovered through a child's eyes...

Monday, April 14, 2008

Adah's First Cold

So, there are many firsts that parents look forward to ... your child's first cold is not one of them. I spent all of last week with a cold, but I thought with all the hand washing that we were going to make it through without Adah or Chris getting it. I started feeling better Friday. By Saturday, Adah was waking up in the night and, by Sunday, Adah was sniffling and trying to clear her throat. Today, she's miserable. We've been cuddling a lot and trying to keep her upright, but there's a lot of whimpering going on in our household. Poor thing ... she can't even blow her nose! At least when I was sick I knew what it was and could try to make myself comfortable. With Adah, I have to guess how she's feeling and what she needs. She woke up crying last night. When I went in to see what was going on, she picked her head up to look at me and then flopped it down on my chest to cuddle. Poor thing.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

Adah has been a very busy gal the past few weeks. She is much more mobile and active! She has had the ability to roll over for quite some time, but she has recently taken to really utilizing her rolling ability to move where she wants to go ... one side of her play mat to the other. She now has her choice of toys, which is FANTASTIC. Below is a short video clip. (NOTE: We don't normally use her toys as bait, but wanted to keep the video clip short.)

The rolling isn't confined to her play blanket. Nap times have also been more challenging. Adah won herself some new crib bumpers after bumping her head a few times during naps.

And for those of you who could not get enough of the last laughing video, here is another one...