Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lila Turns Six Months Old

Lila dear,

The last six months with you have flown by. Frankly this time has mostly been filled with trying to take care of your needs. We've recently felt like you are becoming aware of us and can interact with us a little more than the occasional smile, which makes our time together much more fun. You've started engaging us in an occasional game of peek-a-boo, and will play happily with just about any toy you can get your hands on. Sometimes this playing can be very vigorous, and we even captured a video of a recent play session where you really showed the stuffed giraffe who was the boss.

Now that we are out of the wilderness of those first few months, this time is full of many fun "firsts" for you. You've recently started your first solid food, though you don't appear convinced of the appeal of rice cereal just yet. You've also had your first ride on a swing a the playground, and (to no one's surprise) you seem to love it. You've also gone from the occasional flip from your back to your tummy (and only in one direction) to becoming a rolling machine that can cross a whole room in just a few seconds.

You are a lucky girl to have a big sister who not only loves you, but is intent on taking care of you. One of Adah's primary joys in life is to bring you toys to play with, so you are rarely without a treasure or two (or 10) to shake or rattle. Adah is also trying to master some new skills of her own (jumping, dancing, spinning until she is dizzy and falling over), which often makes you break out into a gregarious laugh.

Seeing your personality emerge a little more over this last month or so has also shown us that you have the same independent streak that your sister (and your parents) have. For example, you will sometimes boycott your last nap of the day, despite the fact that you can barely make it through dinner without a complete meltdown when that happens.

We love you, little one, and we look forward to seeing more of your personality emerge over these next few months. You also have a sister who loves to "mother" you, and can't wait to play with you when you learn a few more games.

Playtime with Daddy