Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mobility is Definitely Here

Here is 1 min. 30 sec. of motion in 3 clips... She crawls, she stands, she sits, she stands again, and we enjoy. Hope you do too!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Adah Turns Nine Months Old

The Rozell household has settled down a bit ... for awhile at least. The boxes are unpacked or stored, grocery stores found, nearby parks explored, new doctors selected, and there is even rumor of a paycheck on the way. However, we still feel as though we are living in transition. We have spent much of our time looking for a house to buy. It may be a buyers market, but desirable communities are still desirable (and pricey). Regardless, we do feel blessed to finally be in a position to own a home! (Hopefully!)

Amidst the business of our lives, Adah has remained her active, mobile self. Sitting down to read books, cuddle, and kiss are not Adah's favorite activities of late. Instead, her crawling skills have been perfected as she follows me from room to room, checking out every cord, plug, and piece of lint along the way. Standing has also become quite easy for her. For awhile, my primary role as her parent was that of spotter as she teetered up and down while swaying back and forth. She has become more stable, though. She is actually squatting when she wants to get back down (rather than just letting go to fall down) and is standing without holding on more and more. I both cheer and cringe as she becomes more brave with her actions. All in all, it's a fun time in her life to be a parent and watch her grow.

Here are a few picture from the last month. Enjoy!

Adah climbing

and crawling over whatever is in her path
(with me as spotter)

Adah standing

Adah in her "southern bell" dress

Adah helping fold laundry

Uh-oh! There she goes!